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CurvyBust Cream Review - Grow your breast size

Автор: anika
Опубликовано: 660 днів назад (27 серпня 2016)
Рубрика: Красота
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This is a question many women ask themselves when then they see a product like Curvy Bust. I have seen many products like these, some supplements and others in the form of creams. For the most part they do have some sort of effect but I wouldn’t say that they really get the same results of breast implants though but more like a slight enhancement which is more than enough to improve my self-esteem when it comes to my flat chest. I have had plenty of experience when it comes to natural products but very little when it comes to creams and supplements for breast enhancement. This is somewhat new for me.

Of course, considering my breast size I have done plenty of research though and this in turn means that my email is constantly filled with the latest products for natural breast growth. Unfortunately though, only a few actually catch my eye, like this product.

About Curvy Bust

This cream consists of only all natural ingredients. They claim to help give you the ultimate natural alternative to getting a surgery. The natural ingredients are selected to help trigger natural breast enhancement and only in a few weeks. Developed specifically for flat chested women or women with smaller breasts it will help give you more supple enhanced breast size. The ingredients stimulate new cell growth in the mammary glands of the breasts which is great as it mimics the process during puberty or pregnancy which breasts naturally develop and get bigger.

Official site CurvyBust Cream Review - Grow your breast size

How to use Curvy Bust:

Using this product is very easy. Only two applications a day and you should be able to see results in about 2-3 weeks. The applications should be in the morning and in the evening where you apply the cream onto the breasts and massage in circular motion until it has fully absorbed.

What does Curvy Bust Consist Of?

One of the most important things for me when it comes to selecting a natural product is getting a list of ingredients. Most of the official websites though overlook this and lose me almost immediately. This is the reason I decided to give Curvy Bust a try and review their product. I like that the ingredients have some information about why they are included in the product and what their purpose is. You can click on each ingredient to get more information from external websites where I was able to find something. I quickly realized that there is little to no information on many ingredients for topical use for which I apologize as some of the links simply lead to their WebMD page with very little information about use in creams.

List of ingredients:

● Blessed Thistle is native to the Mediterranean. It has estrogen properties which have been known to aid in the enhancement of breast size. You can click on the ingredient which will lead you to the WebMD page but there is very little information on its use topically so I was unable to confirm its benefits or even side effects.
● Damiana is a flowering plant native to South Africa, Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico. The official website claims that it has a high concentration of phytoestrogen, plant estrogen. This plant estrogen helps stimulate the development of the sensitive breast tissue. Unfortunately, again I was unable to find how this ingredient is used topically or if it is effective or safe.
● Dandelion Root is an ingredient I’ve seen regularly in numerous products for breast size increase. It increases production of breast cells all the while improving overall breast health. They also claim that there are no side effects but as noted in the link I have provided it is used internally but not topically, so I found no information on this either.
● Dong Quai is chemically proven to boost a number of hormone related issues in women, also boosts estrogen levels and enlarges breasts.
● Kava Kava is a plant most common in the western Pacific. It is known to boost production of prolactin which is a hormone responsible for promoting the growth of breasts. In my search I found no information about topical use or side effects.
● Motherwort aides in the natural growth of breasts. Again, as with many of the other ingredients I found little to no information on it though it is mentioned that it can be used topically in WebMD for other uses with possible side effects of rashes and sensitivity to the sun.
● Wild Yam is a herb that encourages the health of breasts and since it is easily absorbed into the skin cells of the breast you get a fuller look. I have found that it is safe to apply to skin without any side effects, but I could not find any information about its topical benefits for breast enhancement.

I apologize that perhaps my information about the ingredients was not all too helpful as I could not find any studies or trials that confirm anything except that some of them do not pose risks when applied to the breasts. This is very common though as I have looked for other ingredients in the past in creams I have ordered and rarely is there information about topical use for many of them so don’t get discouraged.

Official site CurvyBust Cream Review - Grow your breast size

Buying Curvy Breast

Well, they have a free trial plastered all over the official website so I think that it is pretty clear that you will be paying for shipping only for a period of time. One of the main reasons many people think that websites like these are scams is because they don’t read the terms and conditions.

If you read the terms and conditions you will have a clear idea of exactly what is expected for you to do, what you are getting, and how much it will cost. Of course they are not giving you a free 30 day trial. No. You will receive a 30 day supply but have only 15 days to try it at the low price of $5.00 for shipping. Your trial begins the day you order and you must call and cancel before the 15th day or else you will be charged in full for the product. This means you will be charged $79.00 as well as signed up for their auto ship program. This means that every month you will get a new supply and charged $79.00 plus shipping and handling. If you read through this, understand it, and are organized enough to cancel in time if you are not happy you should have absolutely no problem ordering.

Did I Order Curvy Breast?

Unfortunately, the price of $79.00 is out of my budget for breast enhancement. Though I do think that this could be effective, when compared with other supplements on the market and reading some of the comments, reviews, and feedback of the product on external websites; I simply cannot accord paying that kind of money every month. Perhaps one day my budget will increase in the meantime I hope that if you do try Curvy Breast you comment below and share your experience.

Official site CurvyBust Cream Review - Grow your breast size

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